The 28 Day Payment Call

You know who the accounting person is at your client’s office because you called seven days after mailing the invoice. And now it is time to call that same person again. We call this the 28 day payment call. The seven day call only asked if the invoice was received. This call is different: “Hi,… Read More

Institutional Investors: Associations News Best Friend?

Whether it’s by personal experience, through articles, or just knowing about it from other communities, we’ve all heard about the nightmares of underwater homes where foreclosure cases are not happening in a timely manner. Yet while the economy is getting better, there are still outstanding balances and communities in need of assistance. Realty Track is… Read More

Why do you need to establish Credit Limits and Guidelines?

Why are you issuing credit? The #1 Answer is “Because everyone else does.” If you provide any services or products without full payment at the time of delivery, then you are issuing credit. A credit limit is a limit of dollar amount and time. Limits are not fixed. As you stay on top of your… Read More