Liens Rights / Notice to Owners

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ARI helps you protect your lien rights

The Florida Construction Lien Law is not simple. From Notice of Commencement and Notice to Owner to Conditional Release of Lien and Claim of Liens, Florida State Statues Chapter 713 is detailed concise and exact


Notice to Owner - Starting at $25.00
(You have 45 days from the FIRST Date of Service to file your Notice to Owner)

Claim of Lien - Starting at $125
(You have 90 days from LAST Date of Service to file your Claim of Lien. Liens are valid for ONE year and should be enforced prior to expiration date)

ARI has the systems and processes in place to PROTECT YOUR LIEN rights*.

*Please note that ARI can not and does not offer legal advice, rather a filing service understanding the details, forms and timelines necessary to protecting your lien rights. If you are interested in protecting your lien rights, please contact an Account Executive. Please consult your Attorney for Legal Advice.