ARI President launches #DebtCollectorsCareToo

Posted on:
May 6, 2020

ARI President and Founder, Melissa Nash, wants people to know that debt collectors are people too.

“We have families just like you,” Nash says in a recent interview on West Palm Beach news station WPTV. “We’re faced with challenging times too and we understand what it’s like to have debt that you can’t pay. We want people to know that we care and we’re here to help.”

Nash launched the hashtag #DebtCollectorsCareToo to get the word out about the people in her industry and put a friendly face on debt collectors. She knows hearing from someone in her business can be stressful and she wants consumers to understand that talking to a debt collector can actually help relieve that stress.

“We have a lot of different things we can do to help you if you are in debt. So just talk to us. We’re here to help.” Nash says.

Watch the full interview on WPTV.