Do you COMMUNICATE about payment?

Posted on:
October 16, 2014

A friend was telling me about a man who wanted his house painted. He interviewed multiple painters and made the selection. It was at that time that the painter told the homeowner that he expected to be paid in full in advance of doing the work. The homeowner said that he had NEVER heard of such a thing. The painter then proceeded to tell the homeowner about once not getting paid, having to hire an attorney, take a day off work to go to court, just so he could get paid. The painter said, I can give you many references for houses I have painted – being paid in full in advance. How many painters can you give me as a reference that you’ve paid?

The most powerful tool at your disposal is communication. Whether it is the purpose driven, scheduled, fact finding calls or a smiley face and a hand written note on an invoice, communication is the key.

Sometimes the communication is just the ability to pick up the phone and to ask for the check. Don’t be afraid to speak with your client about the terms of your business relationship.

Remember and communicate that you aren’t a BANKER. Doctors are very clear about their terms. The terms are posted in the waiting room – payment is due when services are rendered. They expect you to pay before you even leave. Doctors aren’t banks. Doctors do not finance our health.

Remember that you are not a banker when you feel the pressure to alter your terms to the relationship. Remind your client, that even Doctors do not extend credit and act as banks. You are not a banker.

Silence, delays and time passing reduce your success rate. My goal is to enhance your business and your life by improving communication with your clients that results in “getting paid on-time every time.”