Dealing with Call Reluctance

Posted on:
June 25, 2014

For many of my clients, attorneys and others, the phone can weigh 2000 lbs.

I borrow the term “call reluctance” from the sales world but the psychology is the same. For many people, there is just a serious reluctance to call and ask to get paid.

First of all, follow my system and the first call does not involve asking for money. It is just to confirm receipt of the invoice. Good things come to those who initiate.

I want to emphasize that it’s okay and it is common to have call reluctance. If you can’t make the calls get someone else to do it. But make it a step that is never neglected, whether it is you or someone else making the calls.

Get around call reluctance by remembering that you are on a fact finding mission to gain intelligence. Be an empathetic problem solver.

Please pardon the plug, but ARI is in business because of call reluctance. You may not be the only one. Procedures alone are not enough if they are not followed. Outsource this step, but do not skip it.

Many times you must ask for a check to get paid. Although the 7 day ROI™ call is not the time to ask for a check, you may have to later. You did the work. Ask for your payment which you rightly earned.

Somehow, highly educated professionals such as architects and psychologists have the hardest time calling clients and asking for money.

Whatever the reason, acknowledge it. I love calling. This is what I do. When I had my first collection agency job I found it to be fun and empowering. I could use my empathy and problem solving skills to make money and accomplish the company’s goals.

You may not feel that way. You may find it a repulsive task. Openly admitting that to yourself is essential to making the decision to either have staff trained to do it or hire an outsider.

However you do it, acknowledge and find a way around call reluctance. The system cannot work if the calls are only made when you are in the right mood. The system has to be followed every time. Remember, be confident yet polite.