Make ARI your accounts receivable expert.

It doesn’t get much better than checking off that you’ve been paid, and at ARI we are specialists in applying industry best practices collection techniques that work. We are professional, courteous, experienced and offer unique collection services that can be customized to fit your community. ARI President Melissa Nash is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the debt collection industry. Learn about her #DebtCollectorsCareToo initiative featured on WPTV-5.

Collect Debts & Judgments

At ARI, we not only successfully collect on your debts and judgments, but we're collections professionals. We save you time and frustration and save the dignity of the debtor using advanced collection methods and principles.

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Create a Notice to Owner

The Florida Construction Lien Law is not simple. From Notice of Commencement and Notice to Owner to Conditional Releases of Lien and Claims of Lien, Florida State Statues Chapter 713 is detailed, concise and exact. At ARI, we can help!
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